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Wolverhampton’s Iridum Spa provides a unique spa treatment for its customers, from offering an exclusive range of products and treatments to creating an unmatched luxurious setting with the sounds and aroma to match.

Iridum’s previous website had not been worked on since it was first designed and built, leaving them with a basic functioning website, but in need of a modern revamp.

We wanted to focus on drawing attention to their specific brand colours, adding cleaner graphics and focus on interactivity which complemented its features - without changing too much of what was familiar to their customers.

We still work with the team at Iridum for ongoing maintenance of their website. Iridum likes to promote seasonal discounts, add reviews to their homepage and update their copy when need be.

How We Helped:

Website Design

Designed with collaboration with the Heed Team and the client

Website Development

Built, implemented and Tested by the Heed Team

Ongoing Maintenance

Maintain Website and build content as per the terms of our contract


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